Rental Properties

List of rental properties by No Corners Property Management.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden, built by Monolithic Constructors, provides short and/or long-term rentals. This unique rental complex in Italy, Texas features four 20-foot Monolithic Domes — perfect for working singles, newlyweds, retirees, as well as single parents with just one child.

Dome Park

There are over 30 studio rentals at Dome Park near Italy, Texas. Each unit is perfect for one or two people with rent starting at $95 per week.

Dawson Village

Dawson Village are a series of short or long-term studio rentals nestled in a small community of Dawson, Texas. There are eight Io-20 studio units and another eight Oberon Four-Plex studio units. Prices start at only $92.50 per week.

Morgan Meadows

There are 68 studio rentals at Morgan Meadows near Italy, Texas. Most are standalone units, separate from their neighbors, which provides a quiet, peaceful living space for one or two people. Utilities are included and each studio is furnished with a twin bed, table, and two chairs — plus FREE WiFi.