Oberon Four-Plex

The Oberon Four-Plex

Oberon Four-Plex

The Oberon Four-Plex is a 32-foot diameter monolithic dome divided internally into four studio rental units. Each studio room is 201 square feet — about the size of a typical motel room — and designed for one person.

Each unit has its own, independent entrance and contains a bathroom with toilet and shower. There is an eating area with counter, apartment stove, cabinet, microwave, and refrigerators. The sleeping area has enough space for a twin bed (included) or a fold-out couch (guest provided). A small table with two chairs are also included.

The four units inside the Oberon share common walls with each other. The are built using double-studs and specialty sheetrock. As you would expect, there is still more sound shared between units than the independent monolithic domes like the Io-20 or the Io-16.

Even so, the overall monolithic dome still maintains all the same benefits including high energy efficiency and protection from storms.

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