The Io-20 studio rentals at Secret Garden in Italy, Texas.

The Io-20 studio rental

The Io-20 (“eye oh twenty”) is more a tiny house than a studio rental unit. Each monolithic dome is constructed, in-place, as a complete structure — separate from its neighbors. It retains all the benefits of a monolithic dome including sound proofing, fire resistance, and storm resistance. Because it’s a monolithic dome it keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Every Io-20 is 314 square feet and includes:

  • small stove with oven
  • medium sized refrigerator that can hold gallon containers
  • a full-sized kitchen sink plus lots of cabinets
  • bathroom with shower and sink
  • an elevated twin bed with room for storage underneath
  • a table with two chairs
  • a closet or standalone wardrobe

Properties with Io-20 rentals

Floor Plans

The most prevalent floor plan lines up the kitchenette as a hallway from the front door to the bathroom leaving the bulk of the dome for living space. There are other floor plans that create a separate living room and bedroom.