The interior of a typical Io-16 with bathroom and kitchenette. Designed for one person. It is the most affordable unit we rent.

The Io-16 studio rental

The Io-16 (“eye-oh-sixteen”) is a 16.5-foot diameter by 9-foot tall monolithic dome studio rental. With 210 square feet of floor area, it’s about the size of a motel room. Each unit includes a bathroom with toilet and shower along with cabinet space, sink, hot plate, microwave, and small refrigerator. The main area allows room for a twin bed (included) or fold-out couch (guest provided), a small closet, and a table plus two chairs (included).


Comes furnished with twin bed, small table, plus two chairs. There is an included hotplate and microwave, too.

Each Io-16 is an independently constructed monolithic dome so it’s sound proof, fire resistant, storm resistant, and super energy efficient. It stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are no shared walls with neighbors so odors and sounds are isolated.

It’s more affordable than the Io-20 and perfect for one person.

Properties With Io-16 Units