Just the FAQs ma'am

Frequently Asked Questions about monolithic dome rentals and the company that manages them.

What is No Corners Property Management?

A property management company specializing in monolithic dome properties in Ellis and Navarro Counties.

Where is No Corners Property Management?

177 Dome Park Place, in Italy, Texas.

What commercial properties do they rent?

Office and industrial space.

What residential properties do they rent?

The majority are studios with weekly rent, paid utilities, and low deposit. There are also a few small houses.

What properties do they have?

What do the units look like?

It varies. Most are 20-foot domes called Io-20. Ideal for two people. There are 16.5-foot domes that work for singles. There are 200 square foot studio units in shared 4-plex units for one person only. There are also experimental units called monoquads and cabins. Each are different.

Why would I want to rent something that looks so weird?

Beyond the exceptional price most units are standalone without shared walls so they are very quiet. The domes are energy efficient so they keep cool in the hot Texas summers. They are also very strong and are safer in severe weather than regular buildings.

Do they come furnished?

Yes. Every unit includes a twin bed, a table, and two chairs. Some units have free WiFi.

Is this an apartment or a hotel?

It is an extended stay hotel where the guests typically stay for more than 30-days.

Does it include room service?

Sorry. We do not offer room service.

What about maid service?

There is no maid service. Maintaining a clean room is the responsibility of the guests. Bedding, toiletries, towels, and other needs are the guest’s responsibility.

Are there any vacancies?

Vacancies open up all the time. We will list the recent vacancies here, but call 972-483-7592 for the most up-to-date information.

Can I sign up for a waiting list?

No. We do not have a waiting list. Housing laws — however well meaning — make maintaining a waiting list impractical. All vacancies are filled first come, first served.