Monolithic Cabin

Monolithic Cabin at Dome Park

Monolithic Cabins

A Monolithic Cabin is a special, transportable form of a monolithic dome. Most were built as experimental structures to test various sizes and shapes for dome living. They have the same benefits of a monolithic dome including sound proofing, fire resistance, and storm resistance. Cabins range in size from 192 to 228 square feet and are among the most affordable studio rentals available.

Each Monolithic Cabin is a separate structure and includes a bathroom with toilet and shower along with cabinet space, sink, hot plate, microwave, and a small refrigerator. The main living space has room for a twin bed (included) or fold-out couch (guest provided), a small closet area, and a table plus two chairs (included).

Because of the experimental nature of these units, most plans are different. Some are longer with two rooms. Some are only one room.

The final version of these cabin experiments is the Io-16 which is still being constructed for new rentals.

Properties with Monolithic Cabins

Example interior

These are pictures from a larger Monolithic Cabin. Note how it has a separate living area from the bedroom. Note that furnishings are for presentation only and not included.